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New Article: Uploading Images with PHP

by: bs0d on 06/07/07

I finally bit the bullet and completed the "Uploading Images" article that I started so many months ago. I wanted to get this thing up so everyone didn't think the site has died or anything. So horray for new content!

You can find the article in the Tutorials section of the site under PHP. Here is a direct link: Uploading Image Files with PHP

In related news, I found an error on the contribute script for tutorials. This error was in the description portion of the script that prevented users from uploading files. I will be checking the other contribute scripts to see if the same error is involved on the others as well.

If anyone encounters any errors with the site, feel free to post that information in forums under "Site and Forum Bugs" so that they can be resolved, and others will be aware as well.

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