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  Subject: "Save the Internet" Posted: @ 2:08 am on Jul 11 2006   

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As you may or may not have read or seen on TV, Congress is pushing a law to abandon Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, ComCast, Verizon et al from turning the internet into a private tollway. Which includes tacking on additional fee's for access to the internet and restricting what sites will load, and which sites are most optimal.

I think something like this would badly sour the internet and turn it in to something everyone hates. I could rant and rave for hours but I do urge everyone to sign the petition , and contact your congressmen to fight for internet freedom.

Here is a link for more actions to take: ACT NOW< /b>

-bs0d |
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  Subject: "re: Save the Internet" Posted: @ 1:48 pm on Jul 11 2006    

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From: chair

i finally know what net neutrality is now -- thanks for pushing me to figure it out

i've got a congressman in support of net neutrality and one who's listed as unknown, according to savetheinternet .com

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.

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  Subject: "re: Save the Internet" Posted: @ 12:59 am on Jul 14 2006    

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I noticed a link on Digg and read about it. I emailed our senators and actually got a response back that appeard to be a legitimate response, but is probably an auto-response with my name inserted, ha ha. Guess we'll see what happens.

Nothing ever good happens in favor of the public. We'll end up paying more money for the internet eventhough we already have to pay for it monthly, and read their spam emails, and be distracted by annoying popups and advertisements. They're just trying to monopolize and milk it for everything its got. Go figure

-bs0d |

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  Subject: "re: Save the Internet" Posted: @ 3:20 pm on Jul 14 2006    

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From: Manchester - UK

Living in the UK, We dont currently have this problem, Our laws are not changing in relation to net neutrality. However a lot of American companies supply connections over here (AOL, NTL - was initially a US telecoms company) So can they apply US laws or do they have to comply with UK laws?

It seems simple, but looking at the cases of Gary McKinnon and the Natwest 3 (Enron 3) - It seems that Internet law will never be simple (not the fact that they did it but the conditions under which they have been extradited for trial in the US)

But knowing my own countries laws I should besafe from such a movement due to "Feeedom of Information&qu ot; - Do the US not have any act such as this in place? After all the impact this law can have would affect the ability to fully educate yourselves should an integral part of your research not be available on the internet due to your isp's preferences, Or what if u want to watch pr0n and your isp isnt up for it?

Why stop at a petition and a letter, would it not be viable to ask people in the street what they think and get their opinions - We all now no-one will read every single one but having them all there as solid hard facts on peoples "free&qu ot; opinions and beliefs on freedom of choice.

Seesm i use the word free and freedom a lot - but it also seems this law could take away your freedom to choose, freedom to learn, freedom to to do a lot where the internet and specific content is concerned.

Just because I dont care, doesnt mean I dont understand.

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