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SSH Tunneling

by: tecta
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SSH Tunneling

by tecta

Viewing websites with your real host can be very dangerous. Do you really want someone to have that sensative data? (and yes it is sensitive). Now you may be saying, "Well, just use a proxy." Proxies can be very useful and worth using. However:

  1. Proxies are usually 80% of the time honeypots.
  2. Proxies are in general usually slow :).

I presume you are using a Linux or Unix-like OS. With demostration, I will be using Slackware Linux as a client, and FreeBSD as a server. I also presume you have an SSH account on a friends box, or whatever.

We will be dealing with socks proxy via a ssh tunnel. Basically you connect to a box and start a service to allow ssh forwarding (SSH tunnel). If this doesn't work, don't panic... your friends/whatever server may not allow this, but that can be changed :) . By the way for your information... ports 1024 and lower are ports only allowed by root. So, when using these examples, you may want to use port 1025 or greater.

Step One - Connecting

Step Two - Using

Now you can use the socks proxy which you have established (make sure your are connected). Let's say you want to use your browser (probably Firefox =P) to connect and what not. To do so in Firefox:

Edit --> Prefrences --> Connection Settings --> Manual proxy configuration --> SOCKS

· Host: (put localhost)
· Port: put 1025 |OR| Whatever port you describes.

*Remember use something greater than 1024, Or It won't work.

Remember you may use this for mostly any client. Remember to stay connected to the shell.


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