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Anonymity via Proxy

by: bs0d
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Proxy Settings

Now that you have the SETTINGS for your internet connection up, you will need to click the check box that says, "Use a proxy server." Once checked, click on the ADVANCED button, and that will bring you to the final step. See the image below.

In your final step of applying the proxy server to your browser, you will need to enter your proxy that you copied from a list from the results of your search earlier. Enter ONLY the proxy in the HTTP: field. Now, with your proxy came a port number. Type in, or paste the port number in the PORT field located next to the HTTP field. Once that is all complete, click OK and you will now be running a proxy.

Now that you are running the proxy, I can direct you to the script to check your proxy for transparency. If your proxy is transparent, the proxy is basically no good towards anomity. So click the button to run the script on your proxy, and it will tell you if it is transparent or anonymous. If the results indicate that the proxy is transparent, I would find another one! Enjoy...


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