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Introduction to PHP - by: Jester
This tutorial was written to introduce you to PHP, it assumes you know nothing about programming at all, starts with the very basics and slowly guides you through some of the concepts of PHP programming.
      Pages: 7   / Views: 329,667  / User Rating: 5  / Comments: 9
Uploading Image Files with PHP - by: bs0d
This article will guide you through step-by-step to learn how to upload and manage files using PHP.
      Pages: 5   / Views: 83,550  / User Rating: 5  / Comments: 8
Accept Coupon Codes for Downloads - by: sm0ke
This is a basic script to allow downloads of .zip files using a coupon code and redirecting the user to the download file using another download script --(Not a Secure Method)--.
      Pages: 3   / Views: 51,726  / User Rating: 3  / Comments: 4
Building a News Management System - by: sm0ke
A basic news management system written in PHP and MySQL, this system has no html styling and is a skeleton structure for a robust news system.
      Pages: 5   / Views: 575,831  / User Rating: (Not Rated)  / Comments: 6
functions, classes, and objects -- oh my! - by: misterhaan
this guide should be enough information to get you started using objects and classes in php, with a quick review of functions. we will be working with functions that help build an html form as an example.
      Pages: 5   / Views: 41,915  / User Rating: 4.6  / Comments: 1
Variable Scope - by: Umair
When traveling between two countries, you declare your goods at the border. Apply this analogy and declare variables at the border of the function that is, right when you get into a function.
      Pages: 2   / Views: 77,673  / User Rating: 4  / Comments: 0
Complete Members System - by: bs0d
This Article takes you step by step in creating a member system for your site. From designing mySQL tables, creating a registration script and logging them in with sessions and cookies.
      Pages: 9   / Views: 453,221  / User Rating: 4.8  / Comments: 41
Building a Comments Script - by: bs0d
This tutorial will guide you through the process of building a comments script with PHP
      Pages: 4   / Views: 356,680  / User Rating: 4.75  / Comments: 41
Pagination with PHP - by: bs0d
Learn how to paginate data from your database in a clean, user friendly display.
      Pages: 6   / Views: 168,735  / User Rating: 4  / Comments: 7
One File Website - by: Parasite
Will teach you how to have an entire website, with just one file...
      Pages: 1   / Views: 24,586  / User Rating: 4.5  / Comments: 0

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