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Simple PHP Tutorial

by: Jester
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Conclusion, Resources

In this tutorial, I tried to cover some key aspects of PHP to help kick-start anyone wishing to learn. You can't learn by just reading, you have to go and write a script, just jump in and do it; learn some common functions, learn the syntax, after you've typed it out a few times it sticks.

PHP is growing everyday, and with each new version come new functions, new features, no one can know it all, and no one can write a tutorial that covers everything, this is just a basic PHP tutorial to try and help you get started.

I plan to write more PHP tutorials that focus on particular aspects of PHP, such as PHP with databases, when you read this maybe I will have got off my arse and written them. Please feel free to leave any comments, if I made any mistakes anywhere, I'll be glad to hear about them.

You may also want to have a look at a Perl Tutorial, which will spell out some rules you should follow when writing code. Perl is very similar to PHP, and the same rules apply when writing PHP code. Remember, a subroutine is Perl's way of defining functions, so the rules stated for subroutines apply to functions in PHP.


  • - The official PHP homepage, huge archive of PHP function reference, help, tutorials, all you need.
  • - Get help if you're having problems.
  • PHP Builder - A PHP community site, featuring how-tos, tutorials, and discussion forums.
  • PHP Resources - A site where PHP programmers submit scripts they have written. If you want a PHP script, this is the place.

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  Subject: "Thanks" Date: Nov 17 2007 at 8:03 pm    
Thanks Jester , This tutorial helped me to learn the basics of PHP
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