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  Subject: "Breaking down... I need some help" Posted: @ 3:44 am on Apr 23 2008   

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From: usa

I don't know Java, I have finished half of this project for my friends forum, but I am stumped on this next part.

// // // // // // //

It is upload script which sends data from a forum to a already existing host site. Retrieves the BBCODE [url= than pastes it into the textfield of the forum.

I have the upload script done, it inserts the data into the other the host sites <inputs> than submits the data.

I am stumped on how to retrieve the [url= links from the site.

I know how to insert it into the forums textfield, but I can't figure out how to retrieve it.

// // // // // // //

I know this is possible, anything is possible. This is just so the user does not have to go to the host site, upload, and copy the code. over. We are using, it is a free host, no wait.

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