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        Viewing Topic: Where does someone start with VB
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  Subject: "Where does someone start with VB" Posted: @ 4:15 am on Jul 16 2006   
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Beer! if you asked me what VB was two days back... need primitive instructions to get started with visual basics.

Need to create weekly spreadsheet that managers tasks vs time, it would be ideal if spreadsheet was able to achieve below;

*create new weekly spreadsheets with basic formatting ie. auto dates, task management per varies categories etc...
*fully completed tasks file into a achive folder (with a simple click of mouse or command, without the need to copy & paste).
*semi completed tasks with outstanding follow-up items to be filed into another folder that can be readily access and rescheduled onto the weekly spreadsheet.
*outstanding tasks carried over to new dates on the next weekly spreadsheet or programmed into a future spreadsheet.
*general scheduling tools

What sites are there where I can access to learn about Visual Basic or is the spreadsheets ready to go

Appreciate any assistance... shout a slab to the best response!

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  Subject: "re: Where does someone start with V..." Posted: @ 10:29 pm on Jul 16 2006    

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  1. You need to learn some programming. Beginners most commonly begin with QBasic or just Basic. Then move on to Visual Basic.
  2. I wrote an article on the basics of VB, you can find it here: Intro to VB; Search Google for more articles.
  3. < li>Sounds like you're needing spreadsheets that likely require the use of Macro's. Macro's execute VB code. First learn how VB works. Record some simple Macro's to learn the different functions associated with Excel. If you want to know how to make a Macro I can help.
Hope that information is helpful to you. Feel free to continue discussion if needed. Good luck!

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