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        Viewing Topic: Mouseover through css?
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  Subject: "Mouseover through css?" Posted: @ 9:21 am on Dec 10 2009   
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i want to trigger the mouseover event within css script.

I know you can do it the following way:
<div onMouseover=&qu ot;function(... )" class="hi& quot;>conten t</div>
but i want to do this through css for every div tag in the 'hi' class. so, in case i have to change the code that triggers after the mouseover event, i don't have to go through all my pages and change it for each individual div tag in 'hi' class

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  Subject: "re: Mouseover through css?" Posted: @ 5:42 pm on Dec 10 2009    

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From: chair

css doesn

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please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.

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  Subject: "re: Mouseover through css?" Posted: @ 7:24 am on Dec 25 2009    

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From: usa

A mouseover event in CSS is done with hover.

whatever: whatever;

is probably your div hi class. make another css class called...

different_whate ver: different_whate ver;

when you hover over the div that is referenced to the css class hi, it will do the hover option. when you are not hovering it will do that normal option.

Edited at 07:29:55 am on 12/25/09

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