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  Subject: "Help with Password Generator" Posted: @ 6:50 pm on Apr 03 2008   
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//set the random id length
$random_id_leng th = 10;

//generate a random id encrypt it and store it in $rnd_id
$rnd_id = crypt(uniqid(ra nd(),1));

//to remove any slashes that might have come
$rnd_id = strip_tags(stri pslashes($rnd_i d));

//Removing any . or / and reversing the string
$rnd_id = str_replace(&qu ot;.",&quo t;",$rnd_i d);
$rnd_id = strrev(str_repl ace("/&quo t;,"" ,$rnd_id));

//finally I take the first 10 characters from the $rnd_id
$rnd_id = substr($rnd_id, 0,$random_id_le ngth);

echo "Random Id: $rnd_id";< br /> ?>

One outcome from this script make this password: 041TbPATvW

Can someone help me remove the capitals letters from the script dont show in the password.

And I want to give my users some choises, that they can choose number, letters. Or a combination like the code above

sry language and grammar mistakes.

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  Subject: "re: Help with Password Generator" Posted: @ 6:05 pm on Apr 04 2008    

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So you want the caps to be lower case? What about using strtolower(); Or do you want capital letters removed from the password? If so, you might need to use regular expressions (regex) to detect an upper case letter and replace it with "" (null/blank/not hing).

-bs0d |

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