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  Subject: "Comments Script" Posted: @ 2:45 am on Sep 25 2007   

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Hi your comment script looks great, though it would be nice with the abilty to use smilies

Anyway ive had a forum for ages now, but never really read up on php except for added mods to the forum. i would like to use your comment script on my html website, i have got different restuarants in egypt each on its own page and would like only the members of my forum to be able to leave comments on what the place is like...

Ive added the aql to the database and ive also copyied the full script, but then im lost what to do...

the text file that ive copied, do i make it into a php file called comment.php or do i just add all the code from the script into each one of my restuarant pages...

Im sorry for sounding lame, but i suppose if you dont know, ASK


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  Subject: "re: Comments Script" Posted: @ 3:00 am on Sep 25 2007    

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I'd put it in a separate file and call it "comments .php". Then, on each page you want to allow comments, use the following code:

<? include($_SERVE R['DOCUMENT_RO OT'].'/path/t o/file/comments .php'); ?>

Then you're good to go. Yes, the forums are here just for questions like this. Everyone that reads these forums will have the opportunity to help you learn. And soon enough, you'll find yourself replying and helping out others that were asking the same questions as you.

-bs0d |

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