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  Subject: "Tutorial Submission" Posted: @ 9:27 am on Jun 08 2006   

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I already know that the site admin is aware of a small problem with the tutorial submission script, I have however noticed another possible problem, after submitting my tutorial, no probs second time because i didnt preview via the form, the tutorials section will count the newly submitted document as another PHP tut, showing 8 when there is only 7 available as the one i submitted still requires auth'ing by bs0d.

just thought it may be of interest to the admin.


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  Subject: "re: Tutorial Submission" Posted: @ 3:16 am on Jun 09 2006    

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Yea, looks like I forgot to add WHERE `verified` = yes to the query. I'll need to add that sometime. Tons of things all going on at once. I'll try to get your tutorial up this weekend.

Take care,

-bs0d |

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