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        Viewing Topic: shortcut icon missing?
  This user is offline  misterhaan
  Subject: "shortcut icon missing?" Posted: @ 4:18 pm on Nov 11 2005   

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From: chair

the green ball icon doesn't display for me anymore. i checked out http://www.alls on.ico and saw a blank page -- did this get lost in the host move?

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.
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  This user is offline  bs0d
  Subject: "re: shortcut icon missing?" Posted: @ 4:41 pm on Nov 11 2005    

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From: USA

unfortunately.. . i think by today or tomorrow i'll have access back to those files. I think i have it somewhere on my HD. I'll remember to get it back up. I didnt even notice, thanks!

-bs0d |

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