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        Viewing Topic: tutorials don't show the author
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  Subject: "tutorials don't show the author" Posted: @ 8:18 pm on Oct 13 2005   

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From: chair

i was poking around the tutorials and noticed that the author of a tutorial only seems to be displayed when you're viewing the listing of one of the tutorial categories. when viewing the actual tutorial it doesn't seem to say who wrote it anywhere, and it's also not there in the most recently added tutorials listing. not sure if you need to add it everywhere, but i think it would be nice to have it when you're reading the tutorial.

please note that the above post is likely made up in its entirety.
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  Subject: "re: tutorials don't show the autho..." Posted: @ 9:03 pm on Oct 13 2005    

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From: USA

Yea, you're right. Its only displayed in the category listing... I wasnt sure if i wanted it to be dislayed within every page of the tutorial. But i also constructed the design of the category listing before the forums were made, so now I can also link the author name to their profile page. where I will also display "this members tutorials/code ".

so basically its sort of out of date. 90% of the tutorials are by me, but once people begin to contribute and would also like their name on the pages of the tutorial, I dont see that as a problem (probably just include it after the name of the tutorial at the top)

i've got alot of ideas for the profiles, like the tutorials/code contributed (if any) /per member. Also, I could display their ratings on other articles or code. AND i'd like to implement some sort of rating system for those who have contributed content and helped on the forums and such.

will take time, but thats whats on my mind for it. In summary, I can link authors names if registered (should be?) and add their name to the pages no problem!

-bs0d |

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