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  Subject: "Posting Topics and Replies" Posted: @ 6:11 pm on Jun 16 2007   

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Just replied to a post and needed to edit some of the information after actually reading it.

The post contains the code tags to format some js code, when I went in to edit the post the opening code tag had been replaced by the relevant html but the closing tag was still raw forum code. I left it as it was and updated but the code box was not working, it then showed just the tags that had been in the edit box previously.

It was resolved after re-editing and replacing the html code with the forum code.

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  Subject: "re: Posting Topics and Replies" Posted: @ 6:21 pm on Jun 16 2007    

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I've came across that as well; I'll look into the BBCode I think it still needs some adjustments. I've see some posts that quote code then the code contains smilies. So I don't know if they checked the box or not... Thanks for bringing this up.

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