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        Viewing Topic: Total newbie dumb question
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  Subject: "Total newbie dumb question" Posted: @ 7:45 pm on Mar 25 2008   
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I'm trying to get a handle on php to be able to create a form in Flash. I've downloaded some simple examples that come complete with the php script, and read and reread the tutes here on AllSyntax.

The problem is that every example I try misbehaves when I look at it in the browser.

I've copy/pasted the "Hello World" and "My Name is Jester" php code into Notepad docs, named them with a .php extension, and uploaded to my ftp on Earthlink (who assured me they support php) but all that displays in the browser is the raw code, complete with the php tags showing.

I've also tried renaming with an .html extension but that just displays text with the php closing tag showing.

I know it's some simple thing that I'm not getting, but it sure seems like copying 4 or 5 lines of code from a tute ought to work.

I'm not looking for mastery of php, just want to be able to write a script for this form I'm creating.


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  Subject: "re: Total newbie dumb question" Posted: @ 8:13 pm on Mar 25 2008    

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It sounds to me like either your host does not support PHP, or you're not renaming the extensions properly aka - you rename a file, but it doesnt actually change the extension. Double check both of those scenarios.

-bs0d |

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