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Best Site Ever

by: gravy
Composed on:
Mar., 12 2007 (7:58 pm)

I have been working on the web for over 12 years now. I started in HTML and Javascript, and shyed away from PHP for way to long. I have been doing photo hosting for about 8 years, and still I did it without any PHP. I manually added each gallery page with HTML. Finally I was sick of it and went in search of PHP scripts to do the work for me.

I found what I was looking for but still had no idea what made the script to the work, or even how it worked! Kinda stupid to be just letting stuff fly like that. So i really started to study the code I was using. Soon I was changing functions and setting varables differently and getting the scripts to do thos things I wanted. Still this is no way to be running you website.

So I went in search of tutorials, code samples, things of these nature. Soon after I started to write my own script for photo hosting. I did so in about 6 months. I had people who were using the site asking me where I got the script because they were interested in using the script as well. So I created a place where they could down load it for free. I figured it didnt cost me anything but my time so why would I charge anything for it?

But recently I needed more for my new script and had to move into member and login stuff, sessions, I was lost! I found this place and I have to tell you, there really is no other site that beats this one in the learning of PHP and MYSQL.


  Subject: "I was just going to write a post li..." Date: Dec 20 2007 at 4:06 pm    
you did it :) BsOd's work is awesome... this site is great
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